Mr. Chan Mun Hoe

Head of Alternative Distribution, Bancassurance
Manulife Singapore

With over 26 years of illustrious experience in the financial and insurance industry, Mun Hoe has become a household name within the industry. He receives invitations across Asia and as far as from the UAE, to share insights into topics ranging from Legacy and Estate Planning, to Business Continuity and Succession Planning, and Retirement Planning. Mun Hoe also has a flair for transforming complex concepts into easily digestible knowledge.


Day 1
2 March 2024
11:45 am

Building Wealth for the Future

2 March
Time:  11:45 am - 12:05 pm
Speaker:  Mr. Chan Mun Hoe

• Creating a financial plan for more than one person
• Financial security for unforeseen events
• Emergency funds and financial commitment for young families

Mr. Chan Mun Hoe
Head of Alternative Distribution, Bancassurance, Manulife Singapore