Ms. Regina Tan


Regina is the CEO of Immortalize, an elderhood marketplace and information provider that seeks to make ageing easy for everyone. Immortalize is essentially a directory, aggregator & database of products and services that mature ageing adults need for their elderhood. Immortalize gives you a big picture of what you need to know about legacy, retirement and eldercare planning, link you up to lawyers, doctors and other solution providers to get these matters sorted easily so that you can have an independent, fulfilling and dignified elderhood.


Day 1
2 March 2024
2:20 pm

PLAN Early to Secure Your Dignified Elderhood

2 March
Time:  2:20 pm - 2:50 pm
Speaker:  Ms. Regina Tan

ā€¢ Elderhood planning - How to optimize legacy, retirement & eldercare decisions to ensure a spectacular Elderhood?

Ms. Regina Tan
CEO, Immortalize

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